1. The accommodations assigned to the bookings will be available:
      • for pitches: from 14:00 on the day of arrival at 14:00 on the day of departure;
      • for Bungalows, Comfort Furniture and Caravans: from 12:00 on the day of arrival at 10:00 on the day of departure.
    2. All arrivals after 24:00 and before 08:00 will be reported to the previous day.
    3. All pitches will have to be released by 14:00 on the day of departure beyond this time will be counted for a further day.
    4. The count of the days of stay will be counted per night regardless of the time of arrival, also taking into account the provisions of paragraphs 2 and 3.

Booking Requests will be considered when the Client completes the Booking Form at the Camping Site and will send it by e-mail or fax. The Direction of the Camping Village will respond by e-mail or fax by communicating the availability of accommodation, the estimate for the required period, the amount of the deposit confirming the estimated stay and the terms and conditions for payment of the deposit. The reservation will only be determined by the applicant submitting, within the established time, of the fax or e-mail containing the copy of the receipt of the deposit of the deposit confirmatory. The Campsite Management will only communicate at this point by e-mail, ordinary post or fax, the Validation of Reservation.

  • The booked guest will not be able to report, as a reason for any cancellation or departure in advance of the agreed period of stay, the non-enjoyment of the Campsite or accommodation assigned since at the time of the booking it is deemed to have satisfied the information obtained from the website and / or communications with the Camping Management.
  • In the event of a missed arrival, by 24.00 on the day following the scheduled date, the booked book will, without notice, disclose your booking fees, resulting in a loss of your deposit and the Management will be free to assign to others any user booked the booked accommodation.
  • Late arrivals or early departures do not give rise to any refunds due to the total due, which will however be calculated on the dates of arrival and departure indicated in the Reservation Validation Form.
  • Those who choose to anticipate departure as compared to the one stated in the booking validation form will still have to pay the entire booking period in full.
  • Only tents, trolleys, caravans or campers can be installed in the pitches on the acceptance card or authorized by Selema staff.
  • In the event of anomalies in the operation of the POS, non-acceptance of credit cards or ATMs, the account must still be saluted in other ways.
  • The assignment of pitches and accommodation is done exclusively by Camping site management staff.
  • It is not permitted to install accessories such as gazebo, flying canvases, kitchenettes and umbrellas, except in the locations indicated by the Camping Direction.
  • In case of installing the accessories in a location other than those mentioned in the previous paragraph, the cost for a tent will be calculated for each accessory.
  • Pets are allowed to enter the campsite provided that they have a suitable health certificate, leash or in any case so as not to cause injury or harassment to other guests and must be guaranteed by the owner all the safety and security conditions of hygiene and in any case authorized by Selema staff.
  • The cancellation of the reservation will result in the return of the sum paid as a deposit, reduced by € 20.00 for postal and secretarial expenses, only if such notification will take place before 60 days from the scheduled date of arrival. In addition to this term, the entire deposit will be retained as compensation.
  • All guests must observe the hours of rest of the guests and the ban on the movement of cars and motorcycles at the times shown on the placards at the entrance of the campsite.
  • Incoming or outgoing guests must avoid mounting or dismounting the curtains and their equipment at the times specified in point 17.
  • Cars and motorcycles can stay along the perimeter slopes and in adjacent spaces the pitches only the time necessary for the loading and unloading of the equipment and baggage useful for the stay of the guests and will be subsequently parch